After the arrest of William Sutherlin, nearly one month after the death of Ed Fetters, Bill was brought in front of the Starke County coroner, Dr. Waddell of North Judson for a coroner’s inquest.  Dr Waddell found that Ed Fetters “came to his death by being foully murdered by William Sutherlin”.

The coroner issued a writ to the justice of the peace which charged Sutherlin with the murder of William Edwin B. Fetters and on Friday 12 December 1896 was confined in the local jail in Knox Indiana and remained there without bail waiting for a preliminary hearing the next Wednesday.


Residence of Starke County Sheriff, with the attached jail to the right.  Was located at the southeast corner of Mound and Pearl Streets in Knox.
Thanks to the Starke County Historical society for the photograph.

The next day Prosecutor Glazebrook  pursued information that there may be two others which assisted in the crime. One witness, Mr. Woodworth, stated  there was a gang that killed Fetters and later testified that he had heard three to four voices raised in anger. According to witnesses there were also foot prints of different sizes found around the grave and  where the pool of blood was discovered.

After further questions in the area “Taz” Mitchell and Daniel Rohrer were arrested and questioned and released.  Rohrer was found to have sold Sutherlin the mule












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