The families of Bill

I am leaving the courts behind for now and introduce William Sutherlin’s families.  William married three times and divorced as many.  As I researched each person I have found how each of them went through life.  Wives, children and eventually grandchildren.  I can only assume most of their lives with and without William.

William’s first marriage was to Julia Ann Nine.  According to census she was born about 1860 in Van Buren, Kosciusko County, Indiana to John and  Martha Tom Nine.  Martha was 13 to 14 years of age at the time of her marriage  and through the years gave birth to at least 5 children, Julia being the second.

Bill Sutherlin and Julia Ann Nine met and married 30 October 1878 and resided in Kosciusko county Indiana. Not everything was a happily ever after and they divorced on 22 February 1885 in Warsaw, Kosciusko county Indiana.

During their marriage they had four children. Joseph Earl, Clara Luella, Maud (she died in 1883) and an infant. Even though their parents divorced Julia was able to keep the surviving children at a time when children are often given over to the father.

Julia passed away sometime between 1885 and 1890.   According to Clara Luella’s obituary from April 1933, “Her mother died when Clara was a very small girl so she was taken to the Wayland Home near Warsaw, where she lived until about 13 years of age, when she came to Noble County and lived in the George Hines home in Jefferson Twp.”  The Wyland home appears to be the Wayland family, Julia’s aunt Catherine.

When Clara was 13 she was sent to live and work in a home as a servant of the George Haines home which turns out to be right next door to her future husband, John Schauweker.  They would later adopt a young girl, Ethel May Phillips.

Son Joseph Earl Sutherlin may have been the only child of Bill Sutherlin that had anything to do with him up until William’s end. As of yet I have not been able to find where he ended up after his mothers death. He too may have gone with a family member but at this time it appears he was not with his sister, Clara.

Joseph was the older brother of Clara and the eldest child of William and Clara.  He was born 9 November 1879 in Kosciusko county Indiana. He appears in the 1900 census at a boarder and working as a farm laborer.

Joseph went by the name of Earl and it was even on his gravestone as such. Whenever something happened with his father Joseph would be contacted…..”have you heard about” or where is he and then William’s death.

Joseph seems to have led a quiet life with his wife and children. He was able to keep away from the drama his father caused throughout his life. Loving family man and father, something his father would never be for him or Clara.

Sadly his other marriages went eve worse than the one with Julia.  They all divorced but he made more of a mark on each of the wives and children that would continue on throughout their lives and beyond.





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