Why the Hell am I Doing This?

I have been asked many times “how are you related to the Sutherlin’s?” and time after time I have to explain I am not related to anyone in this story.  There is no relationship to Sutherlin, Fetters or anyone else in the story.

Then why the hell am I doing all of this? At times I ask myself the same thing.  Untold hours of research, staring at the glow of a computer, digging through old newspaper articles.

My blog is not a story in praise of William Sutherlin and his crimes, which were many and and violent, it is a story of his family, his wives and children.  Shocking and sad and continuing even to this day.  Any family psychologist would have a field day studying them.  You will see as I attempt to write what I have found on William and his family. And lets not forget about his victims family.  I am still working of them.  The research continues.

Why am I working so hard for a family no really wanting to know about a grandfather murderer.  No family member that I have spoken with know about him and some don’t wish to know he was a criminal.  Personally I find these type of relations fun to read about.  Farmers in a family are hard working people that kept there family and the country going but very uninteresting decade after decade of finding farmer afet farmer (thank you farmers for keeping the country going).

So William Sutherlin tell me more.  Keep me wondering why you turned out the way you did.  Why did your children………………..well read more and you will find out about William Lawrence Sutherlin’s legacy.